DC Divorce Lawyer

DC Divorce Lawyer


Dc Divorce Lawyer

If you are reading this article that probably means that you are going through divorce and you are looking for a good DC divorce lawyer. We understand that the divorce process is stressful and confusing, and we are here to provide you as much information as possible for your need about divorce lawyers in Washington DC and what they can do for you.  So please  keep reading this article to find out the information that you need.

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a DC Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is the dissolution of marriage by a legal proceeding. It is usually granted by the court when it is established that the husband and wife have irreconcilable differences. Even if only one party wants a divorce, the case can still ensue. The process can be emotionally distressing especially when there are children involved. The two parties will have to face each other and settle a number of issues. It will help to have someone by your side who is not only knowledgeable in divorce, but who will make sure that your rights are observed appropriately. Finding a good DC divorce lawyer is your best shot at getting what is right for you.

Filing for Divorce

Before you can file for divorce in the state of Washington D.C., you have to be a resident there for at least six months. Such a rule may be different in other states. You or your partner will have to submit a petition and summons to the clerk of court. A copy of these documents will be sent to the family court commissioner, and to the other spouse. A divorce procedure, from the completion of divorce papers up to the final hearing, may take at least 120 days. The final hearing will declare that the marriage is terminated. The former husband and wife can marry other people again after six months. Here is some information on the divorce process.

Why Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce can be a complicated process.  Apart from multifarious paper works, the two parties will have to deal with division of conjugal properties, custody of the child, child support, spousal support or alimony, among other technical matters. Formulas for computation of these figures vary from state to state. If you are not aware of the laws concerned, it can feel like walking in the dark. You can end up insisting on something you are not legally entitled to, or rather mistakenly give up what is rightfully yours. A good divorce lawyers knows the ins and outs of the process, so you will know exactly what you are fighting for. Because the lawyer is your voice in the court, you have the confidence that your side of the issue is effectively conveyed, and that your responses to the other partys arguments are strategically presented.

Getting Divorce

Traits to Look for in a Divorce Lawyer

You have to understand that not all divorce lawyers in DC have the same level of competence. It is crucial to find a DC divorce lawyer who meets your needs. Below are a few important traits to look for.

  1. Straightforward. A straightforward divorce lawyer will give direct answers to questions. If you will ask about his or her fees, the lawyer will give specific details such as whether he or she bills hourly, flat or contingent. Such a lawyer will not set your hopes high, but will tell you the true status of the case even if it can disappoint you.
  2. Transparent. Transparent Washington DC divorce lawyers will not keep things from you. They should understand how a divorce can be disturbing they will make an effort to keep your head straight on the procedure.
  3. Reliable. A reliable DC divorce lawyer will find time for you despite his or her busy schedule. Such a lawyer will not let you speak to his or her secretary alone. He or she will return your calls in a timely manner. He or she should never be late for your meetings, or inform you ahead of time about a change of schedule.
  4. Approachable. Approachable divorce lawyers in DC will treat you with empathy. They consider each case as unique, and that their clients are human beings with thoughts and emotions. They should be patient in answering all queries of clients, and in explaining all things that concern their case.
  5. Strategic. A strategic DC divorce lawyer can anticipate what the opposing party will do next, and prepare strategies about it. He or she will not get affected by the argument of the other party. This lawyer can always find a way to turn every situation to your advantage, or at least make a win-win situation.


How to Find the Best DC Divorce Lawyer

There are a lot of divorce lawyers in DC, so it will not be too hard to find one. However, if you intend to hire the best, you will have to do a lot of research. You can refer to these tips on how to find the right DC divorce lawyer.

  1. Online lawyer search tool.  You can use an online lawyer search tool to get a list of divorce lawyers in DC. You can research by city or area of practice. To use the tool, you will only have to click on Washington D.C. and enter your city, or select divorce/family law. The system will then show the name of the lawyer or law firm, website address (if there is any), and contact details. Here is the American Bar Association and Lawyer.com
  2. Recommendation from a relative or friend. Talk to the people in your circle and see if there is anyone who hired a DC divorce lawyer in the past. Ask about their experiences with the lawyer and how the lawyer performs his or her job, how the lawyer deals with his or her clients, and other qualities that make him or her a good choice.
  3. Website check. You cannot just make a decision out of someone else’s recommendation. Different people can have different opinion regarding a lawyers skill and personality. You still have to dig for more relevant information until you find the DC divorce lawyer that exactly matches your preferences. Check their websites and see what they have to say about their background, experience, number of lost and won cases, specialization, etc.
  4. Testimonials and reviews. Of course, it is expected that divorce lawyers in DC will only talk about their good side in their websites. For this reason, you will have to search the web for independent testimonials and reviews. Although these may not be 100% reliable, it is still better if the divorce lawyer you have in mind does not have any red flag.


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